Why go to a specialized Hand Therapy Clinic?
It has become necessary for the medical community to develop specialty areas to provide in-depth care for specific medical conditions due to rapid medical advances. This has also made specialization necessary in the field of rehabilitation. Our therapists provide comprehensive evaluation and specialized treatment for individuals with hand or upper extremity problems. We have extensive knowledge of the intricate anatomy of the hand and upper extremity. Individualized care is provided for patients with various upper extremity conditions resulting from accidental or work-related injury, cumulative trauma or neurological insult. The goal of therapy is specific: To achieve the greatest degree of hand and upper extremity function and maximize independence. This goal is attained by a dedicated team effort from the physician, hand therapist and patient.

What is a Certified Hand Therapist?
A Certified Hand Therapist is an occupational or physical therapist who has been certified by the Hand Therapy Certification Commission, Inc. (HTCC). Instituted in 1991, the certification process involves meeting established requirements including length of practice, experience in treating hand and upper extremity injuries and passage of HTCC’s written examination. Thus, the therapist must demonstrate both practical experience and a strong theoretical knowledge in the specialty. The Certified Hand Therapist is required to document continuing education and involvement in the specialty via teaching and/or publications annually to maintain certification. This ensures that the hand therapist stays current with the rapidly evolving practices and procedures of this specialty.